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Introducing coffee

Let's introduce coffee today

About kind

Espresso (espresso): is a very strong coffee. Generally, it is ground into a very fine coffee. It is made by high-pressure powdering (invented in the early 20th century and developed in Italy). bottom;

Americano (American coffee): Black coffee made with drip coffee maker can also be obtained by adding espresso concentrated water, high caffeine content, lighter taste, suitable for weight loss;

Espresso Con Panna: one of the varieties of Italian coffee, usually with an appropriate amount of whipped cream or toffee;

coffee latte: The combination of Italian condensed milk and milk has a heavier flavor than cappuccino; cappuccino: about the same time as the steam coffee machine in the early 20th century, Is the same amount of espresso and foam milk mix;

Flat White: Although the New York Times calls it a "small latte", it is slightly different from a latte. It has a thin layer of milk foam and a lower temperature than cappuccino. The taste is smooth. Although there are some disputes about the origin, most of the approved origins are Australia. (Thanks to the comment area for correction)

Cafe Mocha (Moka coffee): espresso coffee + chocolate sauce + whipped cream + milk mixed, Europe has chocolate espresso drinks, also known as mocha coffee;

Caramel Macchiato: Caramel Macchiato: hot milk, concentrated and vanilla, topped with caramel, caramel macchiato is born;

Cafe Breve (Braywell / Half Latte): Concentrated base, then add cream, half and half of milk, and cover it with milk foam .... Brevey's ratio is not very good, many people will come to their preference Adjustment.


About coffee beans

So far, only three types of beans, Arabica (Robusta) and Liberica (Liberia), have been found.

Things to note when buying beans:

1、There are many flavors of coffee beans, which are basically determined by the origin. For coffee beginners, just remember these good flavors.

Brazil (full-bodied, not sour, sweet aftertaste), Colombia (balanced flavor, thick taste), Guatemala (soft flavor, mixed flavor of chocolate and fruit), Kenya (fruity acid flavor, higher acidity), Ethiopia ( Floral and fruity), Indonesia (low acidity, high sweetness).

Selection of baking degree:

Light roasting: The fruit acid taste is obvious, but this kind of roast can best taste the flavor of the coffee itself. High-quality coffee has a particularly good flavor of fruit acid.

Moderate baking: the taste is more balanced, the acidity is normal, and it is more suitable for the taste of most people. Coffee novice recommends choosing this flavor.

Deep roasting: thick, mellow and relatively heavy in taste. Most of the beans in many cafes are deep-baked beans, which is more difficult to extract during the production process.

About making coffee

For novices to make coffee by hand, first prepare the tools:Manual bean grinder (or automatic bean grinder), filter paper (the choice of filter paper is very important), hand-wash pot, cup, filter cup, lower pot (share pot), electronic scale, thermometer.

Next is to pay attention to the grinding degree of the coffee beans, the water temperature and its extraction techniques

There are three kinds of grinds: coarse, medium and fine. The coarsely ground coffee has obvious edges and corners. The medium grind is probably like white sugar in our home. The fine grind is the degree of refined salt at home. It is recommended that novices choose to grind. Moderate, better control.

The optimal extraction water temperature is generally 88-93 degrees. Of course, this is only a theoretical value. The specific value depends on the grinding degree of the coffee beans. Generally, if the grinding degree is fine, the water temperature will be lower, and vice versa. The appliance will also have water at different temperatures. (Little cute is also emphasized in this comment.) Tips: Be careful not to use boiling water for extraction. In addition, pay attention to the powder-to-water ratio before extraction. The powder-to-water ratio refers to the ratio of coffee powder to water, which is generally between 1: 15-1: 18. High-end coffee makers generally use beans based on their own Familiarity to adjust the powder-water ratio. The specific extraction process is divided into (simple version): prepare filter paper → start timing → steaming (this is very important) → inject the first stage of water → inject the second stage of water → inject the third stage of water (time interval of staged water injection) About 10s, let the water flow in evenly, one section is less than the injected water, the first section is the most, and the third section is the least, until the powder-water ratio is reached, which can be viewed according to the timing.)

Specific operation:

Step1: Prepare hot water and coffee beans (according to the ratio of powder to water), and put the filter paper into the filter cup. First brew with hot water, let the filter paper fit the filter cup, and heat the filter cup in advance to avoid improper extraction.

Step2: Pour in the ground coffee

Step3: Slowly inject hot water (depending on the degree of coffee roasting and grinding thickness, medium is generally about 90 degrees) slowly from the middle of the coffee powder. .

Step4: The first stage of water injection is performed after 20 seconds of steaming, and the water injection volume is about one-third of the total, which is completed in about half a minute. During the water injection process, rotate the water injection in one direction from the middle, do not change the direction. The speed cannot be too fast or too slow, novices need to practice a few more times.

Step5: The second stage water injection: The interval between the first stage water injection and the first stage water injection is about 10 seconds, and the water injection volume is about half of the remaining water injection volume, which is also completed in about half a minute.

Step6: The third stage of water injection: 10 seconds apart from the second stage, the water injection volume is the remaining amount, and the water injection time is about half a minute.

That's it for today's sharing, hurry up and learn!

Let's introduce coffee today Let's introduce coffee todayLet's introduce coffee today
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