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What kind of coffee machine can be divided into and which is suitable for office use

Automatic coffee machine
    1. From grinding beans to pouring out cups, even milk bubbles, coffee makers can do it for you, which is more suitable for large companies and the space with too many people;
     2. The quality of the cup is stable;
   1. If the flow of people is small, the coffee beans in the bean storehouse will be exposed to the air for a long time, prone to moisture and oxidation, and the taste will sharply deteriorate;
  2. It's very difficult to clean the internal pipeline. Let's not talk about coffee powder and dregs. Imagine the smell of milk in the coffee machine in summer that we forgot to clean for a night or two;
  3. The machine is too large to be placed on the desk, only in the public rest area;
  4. The price is relatively expensive;
Semi automatic coffee machine
   1. Be more professional and competitive
  1. Additional bean grinder is required;
  2. The quality of coffee making is closely related to the level of coffee makers, which is also the reason why many people often say that the quality of coffee making is not stable;
  3. It takes 5-10 minutes to grind all the beans to make a cup. It's normal. On the coffee table, there will inevitably be a lot of coffee powder, slag and water stains, which need to be used by patient people.
Capsule coffee machine
  1. Into the capsule, 1 minute automatically out of the cup, very convenient and fast, coffee out of the cup quality is very stable;
  2. Each capsule is packed independently, fresh and hygienic, and can be stored for a long time, so there is no need to worry about the problem of the opened coffee beans being affected with damp and smell;
  3. It is very easy to clean and take care of without cleaning coffee powder and coffee dregs;
  4. The machine is small, and the size of the thermos is similar to that of the thermos, so it is suitable to be placed on the desk;
  5. You can buy the entry-level about 800;
  1. The range of choice of coffee capsule is relatively limited. If the taste is more picky, there may be a few for your taste;
  2. Most of the capsules are imported. They are baked from raw beans to mature beans, then made into capsules, and finally transported to China. When you buy them, the cycle is actually a little long. Although they are packaged independently, the flavor will inevitably decline;
  3. Compared with buying coffee beans to grind, the unit price of the capsule will be higher, ranging from 3.5 to 6 yuan, but most people can accept it;
Above three, mainly for Italian coffee machine comment.

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