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How to make a good cup of coffee at home

Appliance selection:
1. French Press 
Recommended index: ★★★★★
Advantages: cost-effective; time and labor saving; easy to carry without having to consider power issues
Disadvantages: the filter is not easy to clean
French pressure pot, entry artifact, its principle and tea pot are very wanted, its use is very wide, not only can make coffee, tea leaves, but also can make dense milk, black coffee or latte or cappuccino switch, You can try pulling flowers.

2. Syphon  
Recommended index: ★★★
Pros: The brewed coffee has a pure taste and high quality
Disadvantages: time consuming and difficult to operate
Although it is called a siphon pot, it has nothing to do with the principle of siphon. Instead, it uses water to generate water vapor, which causes the principle of thermal expansion and contraction. It pushes the hot water from the lower sphere to the upper pot. come bac

3. drip pot
Recommended index: ★★★
Pros: Take control of every detail yourself and make coffee unique
Disadvantages: more equipment required; technical requirements for hand feel are high, and excessive extraction is easy

4.Espresso machelline 
Recommended Index: ★★★★
Advantages: one-button coffee, efficient; koala flower
Disadvantages: relatively expensive; not easy to carry

5.Aero press 
Recommended Index: ★★★★
Advantages: easy to carry; easy to maintain; efficient
Disadvantages: Philharmonic needs to change the filter paper, and the rubber will break for a long time
The coffee brewed by Philharmonic has the richness of espresso coffee, the purity of filter coffee, and the smoothness of French pressure. Because of its light weight and small size, it is not easy to be damaged, so it is quite suitable as a coffee brewing device for outdoor use.

6. Moka Pot  
Recommended index: ★★★★★
Pros: Cool to look at and easy to operate
Cons: Troublesome cleaning
Moka pot can extract espresso for a short time under high pressure. Like French pressure pot, it is a very historical home-made coffee appliance, full of your retro feelings. The same coffee pot as the Internet Red British drama is it.

      In summary, according to the complexity of the operation, the easiest to use is the fully automatic espresso machine, followed by French pressure pot, Moka pot, Philharmonic pressure, siphon pot, and hand punch. In terms of price, automatic coffee machines are usually the most expensive, followed by Moka pots, siphon pots, hand pour pots, Philharmonic presses, siphon pots, and French press pots.
However, no matter which tool has disadvantages, it is not perfect. Which one to use depends on personal preference. I just make a summary here and give you a recommendation.
1. The softness and hardness of good boiled coffee will affect the extraction effect of coffee, and the cleanliness of water quality will affect the overall taste. Therefore, please do not pick up unfiltered tap coffee from your home, you can consider pure water or distilled water. Making coffee is the same as making tea, please use fresh good water. After all, more than 90% of a cup of coffee is water. 2. Use too little coffee powder with sufficient amount of coffee beans may cause astringency or light and tasteless, but you don't need to put too much at one time. According to the SCAA (American Specialty Coffee Association) coffee brewing standard, the benchmark dosage is: "One flat spoon" (about 8 grams) of coffee beans (powder) to make "120 ml" of coffee. Please adjust your coffee consumption according to this ratio.
3. Identify freshly roasted coffee beans as fresh food. "Freshly roasted" is the basic condition for a good cup of coffee. What is the difference between stale coffee beans and isatis root? So please avoid buying without a date.

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