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Kcup Coffee Capsule carton packing Line

Kcup machine design with compact structure and fast speed, This filling sealing machine is the most popular machine for starting Kcup, nespresso, Lavazza capsules making business

HSP-1 Single Lanes Kcup/ Lavazza/ Nespresso Filling Sealing Machine

HSP-1 Single Lanes Kcup/ Lavazza/ Nespresso Filling Sealing Machine can automatic drop empty nespresso capsules and pre-cut lid. But the speed is also very fast. One good worker can make 1600pieces nespresso/Lavazza /Kcup capsules per hour. It is also suitable for different type coffee capsules by new company

Dolce Gusto Filling Sealing Machine

Dolce Gusto Filling Sealing Machine is suitable for large capsules output requirement business. Most customer choose linear type capsules filling sealing machine as their second machine for nespresso capsules making business

empty Nespresso capsule

In order to help customer start nespresso capsules business, HM machinery Company also provide empty nespresso capsules, aluminium nespresso lid for customer.

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Hm manufactory machinery Co., Ltd. is a market leading designer and a manufacturer of coffee capsule filling sealing machinery, as well as packaging machinery for the food and drinks industry.


Hm provides a complete filling sealing and packaging solution, which includes but is not limited to:

  1. HSP Serial Kcup Filling Sealing Machine
  2. Kcup Capsule Carton Packing Production Line
  3. 2017 small capacity Nespresso filling Machine HSP-1R
  4. China Low Price Newest Design Auto Rotary Type Kcup Keuring Caspule Filling and Sealing Machine Wholesale
  5. Pod Capsule Coffee Filling and Sealing Packing Machine
  6. China Best Customized Lavazza Point Coffee Filling Sealing Machine Manufactures
  7. Empty K-cup Capsule
  8. Nespresso Coffee Capusle Filling and Sealing Machine
  9. Dolce Gusto Filling Sealing Machine

Hm can provide customized products for customers. Welcome to contact with us for more information.

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