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HSP-1L Single Lane Dolce gusto filling and sealing machine

Brief Instruction:

It is the Newest design Machine use for Dolce gusto filler and sealer.
Dolce gusto filling machine with High speed and high quality meet EURO machine standard, this model Dolce gusto packing machine is design specially for Nescafe dolce gusto filling machine The material of Dolce gusto sealing machine use Components use top brand in the world. So it is easy to find your local agent for the Dolce gusto Making machine.
* The whole machine of  best dolce gusto machine is stainless steel frame; Organic glass; Four columns mould structure; Fixed castor and mobile pulley.
Main Working Process:
☆empty dolce gusto capsules feeding system.
☆Automatic drop empty capsules to machine ( the bottom of capsules samples was already sealed )
☆Automatic detect whether dolce gusto capsule well loated on the machine by sensor.
☆ filling Nitrogen into capsule.
☆ Servo motor to fill coffee while vibrating, weight around 5-20g ( can be adjust), also second time filling Nitrogen into capsule.
☆ filling dolce gusto pods flavours.
☆ sealing paper filter from roll on inner body of capsules.
☆Auto cutting paper from roll and seal on the top of capsule
☆ Auto Seal on the top of capsules second times.
☆ Automatic exit to  transport the finished dolce gusto to conveyor

Technical Parameter:
NO. Model HSP-1L
1 Speed 1800 capsules/hour
2 Working station 1 lanes
3 Filling range 5-20grams
4 Filling accuracy ±1%-1.5%
5 Voltage Three Phase  220V 60HZ
6 Air  pressure / gas consumption ≥0.8Mpa/0.1m²
9 Machine size L 3100mm* W800mm* H2200mm

Picture show:

Inner filer paper sealing:

Top Sealing:

Finished Capsule:

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