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How do you choose a suitable coffee bean for the perfect blend?

How do you choose a suitable coffee bean for the perfect blend?

What machine you have will determine the choice of your coffee beans. This is because not all pods can be compatible with all the machines in the market today. In fact, most single service machines have capsules that are specially designed for them. This makes it necessary to find out which coffee bags are compatible with your equipment before buying.


In addition, remember that the quality of the brew you get depends on the pods. Their design and packaging may be determined if the pods will maintain the quality of coffee to ensure fresh brewing. In addition, the varieties of beans and bake methods also affect the quality of the powder in the capsule.


According to the coffee flavor you like, you can use the following method to guide you to your favorite mix when you choose the bean pods.

1. ask the beans. The powder in your pods can come from Arabica, Lo Busta, or a mixture of both. If you want to get a high quality cup from your pods, then the powdered beans should be the same.

2. consider their process / time: in general, coffee powder will deteriorate quickly if the coffee powder is exposed to air and moist environment. In this case, a good quality of the pod should come from baking, mash and packaging within a short distance of the coffee beans. If it is to be baked in a distance, grind and carry the powder, it may be that coffee does not have the desired quality and flavor.

3. check packing: ensure that the capsule is sealed in the sealed tamper proof material to avoid air oxidation or damage during transportation.

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