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How to choose coffee capsule?

How to choose coffee capsule?

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The first and most important step in choosing a capsule coffee maker is to determine the coffee capsule system. Since the capsules in each system are incompatible, the system of choice directly affects the type of coffee that can be selected later and must be cautious.

Currently, there are four main types of capsule systems: Nespresso, IPERESPRESSO, Dolce Gusto, and Tassimo, each with the following features:


Nespresso has the richest variety of espresso capsules. Users can choose between different capsules based on the depth of baking, the origin of the individual product, the type of aroma, and Lungo and Ristretto capsules in addition to the standard Espresso.

Dolce Gusto cool fun thinking

The main fancy coffee, latte, Mocha, Macchiato all alone, and even a variety of milk tea capsules, capsule system is considered a versatile player. The machine that uses this kind of capsule system, is characterized by a separate auxiliary capsule containing a variety of excipients such as powdered milk, which can be simply made into fancy coffee.


 Characteristics are suitable for lazy .. Other capsules Coffee is not to set the amount of water is to manually set the mode, and Tassimo capsule comes with two-dimensional code, the machine can determine the capsule type according to the two-dimensional code, automatically set the water temperature, brewing method . Users only need to squeeze into the capsules and accessories capsules, press the start, but also more convenient than instant coffee foam.

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