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Kcup filling sealing machine filter welding Machine

Kcup filling sealing machine filter welding Machine

Main Working Process:

Automatic lifting and loading empty Kcup to mahine.

Special Loading Lanes for KCups

Automatic drop empty kcup to machine .

Automatic detect whether Kcup well loated on the machine by sensor. (no cup no filter cutting). 

Special design for filter roll device to automatic change filter roll between two rolls.
Auto Feed the fitler paper roll to  the machine
Auto cut filter paper from roll paper and forming a shape then welded into inside of Kcup

Automatic detect whether the filter in kcup or not, if no filter, machine will not filling coffee and not sealing and then reject the empty kcup to collecting box.

Automatic Nitrogen flush

Servo motor to fill coffee while vibrating, weight around 5-20g ( can be adjust), while filling and Nitrogen flush.

Automatic lifting and loading coffee powder into hopper of machine by screw coffee loader.

Automatic Nitrogen flush

Auto suck Foil pre-cut Lids.

Auto detect whether the foil lids is ready by Sensor ( if no lids, will no sealing)

Auto Seal twice

Automatic mechanical grasp the finished product to conveyor ( connect to the conveyor)

 Conveyor with Counting and feeding 18 cups or counting 80 cups ( it can be setting in Touch Screen).

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