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Nespresso Coffee Filling Packing Production Line

HSP-4 Nespresso Coffee Filling and Packing Production Line

Working Process:
1. Sorting and Loading empty  nespresso capsule
2. Coffee filling and Sealing
3. Packing in bag
4. Packing in box

Machine Details:

Technical Data:

NO. Model HSP-4 HSP-6
1 Speed Over 9000-9600Cups/hour Over 10800Cups/hour
2 Working 4lanes 6lanes
3 Filling range 0-20grams 0-20grams
4 Filling accuracy ±1.5% ±1.5%
5 Voltage Three Phase  220V 60HZ/7KW, Three Phase 220V 60HZ/7KW,
6 Air  pressure / gas consumption ≥0.8Mpa/0.1m² ≥0.8Mpa/0.1m²
7 Working Temperature 5-35°C 5-35°C
8 Relative humidity ≤85% ≤85%
9 Machine size L 5000mm* W1000mm* H2600mm L 5000mm* W2900mm* H2550mm

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