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China best Lavazza point filling Sealing machine manufactures

China best  Lavazza point  filling Sealing machine manufactures

Lavazza point coffee filling machine ( use for Lavazza point ) is the best Lavazza point   filler and sealer machine in China,
This model Lavazza point packing machine  provides different model, from 1 lanes to 8 production lanes, and fitting different capsule styles on the same machine, with an easy changeover between the different formats
Working Process:
☆Empty Lavazza point capsules feeding unit
☆Auto drop empty Lavazza capsule  to machine
☆Auto detect Lavazza Point well loated on the machine
☆Auto Feed the roll-stock paper on the machine
☆Auto cut filter paper from roll paper and welded into inside bottom of Lavazza capsule.
☆ Automatic Nitrogen flush
☆ Servo motor to fill coffee ( can be adjust),
☆ Auto  Nitrogen flush
☆Auto cut filter paper from roll paper and sealing on the top of  Lavazza Point.
☆ Auto Seal twice
☆ Auto finished capsule exit unit to conveyor belt.
 Technical Parameter:
NO. Model HSP-1/2/4/6/8
1 capacity Over30- 300Cups/minute
2 Working station 1-8lanes
3 Filling range 5-20grams adjustble
4 Filling accuracy ±1.5%
5 Voltage Three Phase  380V 60HZ

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