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High quality Face mask disposable masks protective n95 shiel factory Three-ayer Melt-blown with nonw

Product Name:

Disposable Face Mask

 Material :

NON-WOVEN Fabric, Melt-Blown Fabric

 Min Order Qty :

10000 pieces face mask



 Advantage :

1.Non-woven fabric resource factory and export more than ten years to global customers.


2.Clean workshop and medical grade laboratories, has a strong manufacturing and test capacity to meet your bulk order.


3.1 million face masks produced per day.


4.Professional inspectors and procedures.


5.Annual domestic sales exceed 70 million and foreign annual sales exceed 20 million.


6.Good after-sales service, any defective products, we accept return service.


7.CE certification of mask products has begun, report within 7 days.


8.Free sample available ready 1 day.

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