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Wholesale Waterproof Disposable Biodegradable Funeral Dead Body Bag with 8 carrying handles Hold

·         Black high density woven polyethylene rip proof material.

·         Can hold 136 KG (300 lbs)

·         Can be for used for camping, hiking or any outdoor activities. It can also be used for hunting as a bag to carry a dead animal. It is very Heavy duty

·         Eight built-in, easy to grip carry handles

·         WATER RESISTANT / Proof: The bag's edges are double-seamed and it needs to guarantee 100% leak proof and its full-length zipper is also waterproof.

·         Length 229 cm (90 Inches) 

·         Width 91 cm (36 Inches).

·         Weigh 900 Grams (2 Lbs)

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